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This section of the Volunteer site is provided to our area Chairmen who have extra responsibilities to provide additional information so our event operations can be planned appropriately. This section and the buttons on the left are reserved for Chairman’s input only. More details are available below.

Buttons on the Left

  • Chairman Responsibilities – The success of our fly-in operational areas and the volunteer workforce who make them successful remains our most valuable resource. Our volunteer teams need leadership to ensure the success of each area and the event as a whole. Our Chairmen are who we count on to keep these teams positive and enthusiastic about their volunteer efforts! We appreciate you!
  • Credential & Equipment Website – Click this button to access your Fly-In Expo area to order credentials and equipment.
  • Credential Information: This page currently provides a description of vehicle passes and will continue to be updated.
  • Area Volunteer Needs Assessment – Help us help you, tell us a bit about your area, your volunteers and how you operate from day to day. This will help with current volunteer recruitment efforts as well as operational training for future leadership.
  • Daily Schedule Updates – Use this page to make additions to the Daily Schedule that will be published in the In-Flight Guide, on our website and event app.
  • Donations – If you have requested and received a donation for your area’s operation, please visit this page and download the donation form and make sure our finance or business development office receives a copy. We must recognize the gifts we receive for our event operations by providing a letter of thanks.
  • Purchase Order Form – Print this Purchase Order form link, if you need to make a purchase for your area’s operation, the purchase must be approved and a purchase order must be submitted to receive a P/O# to make the purchase. Any purchases made without approval will be considered a donation.
  • Sign Shop Order – Print this Sign Shop Order form to order signs for your area’s operation. (The 2024 Sign Shop form will be available soon!)
  • Taildragger Party Tickets – Please visit this page to order the number of Taildragger Party tickets you need for the volunteers in your area, who plan to attend. It is important to return any unclaimed tickets to the Crossfield Credential Office so they can be reissued to other volunteers if needed.
  • Volunteer Area WiFi Request – Please request Wifi service for your area operation here. This is not for individual/personal service.
  • Volunteer Area Group Photo – Please visit this page if you would like to schedule a Group Photo with your area’s volunteers!
  • Volunteer Job Request – If you need a volunteer or a group of volunteers to oversee a job or operations, please submit your need here. A listing of Fly-In Expo Areas jobs will be provided so interested volunteers may respond directly to you.
Executive Event Director

Laura Vaughn

Volunteer Director

Angela Mann

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