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Here are all of the tools, resources, and instructions for obtaining and reporting donated goods and services for your volunteer area. We are happy to assist in procuring items, acknowledging donors, and coordinating efforts among the various volunteer areas so that we ALL benefit!!

Attention all Chairman:  Before you solicit any donated goods or services on behalf of the Fly-In and your area, please notify Tracy Neal, by email, to assist us in coordinating your efforts with our other staff and volunteers.  We appreciate your efforts in securing support, but need to coordinate all requests to ensure we treat our local businesses and partners respectfully.

Please DO

  • Share the great mission of SUN ‘n FUN to inspire and educate people of all ages
  • Communicate and coordinate with staff and other volunteers – you don’t want to be the 10th volunteer to make a request to a particular business!
  • Save receipts, paperwork or other information and forward it to the SUN ‘n FUN Business Development Office.
  • Be gracious – if declined in your requests

Please DON’T

  • Make any requests on behalf of SUN ‘n FUN without authorization from Gene, Laura, Tracy, Angela or Jane.
  • Forget to communicate information about the donation. We want to be sure EVERY gift is properly thanked!!

Instructions for Requesting and Reporting Donations

STEP ONE: Before Making a Request
Email SUN ‘n FUN with information regarding (1) what items you need and (2) who you either traditionally request them from or plan to request from and (3) when they are needed.

STEP TWO:  Once you are approved to make a request
Use Provided Donation Request Letter
Furnish a SUN ‘n FUN Tax-Exempt certificate, if requested.

STEP THREE:  Once the Donation has been Received
Use this Donation Form to notify SUN ‘n FUN Staff that a donation was received.
We will follow up by thanking and recognizing all donors and recording all gifts.

Volunteer Director

Angela Mann

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